The Teas and Tarps project is a way to keep people dry on the outside and warm on the inside.  On select days, volunteers from The TeaBook and other supporters bring free tea and tarps or ponchos to those who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles.

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El Niño is coming to Los Angeles and is expected to bring record rainfall.  99% of the time Los Angeles is a rain-free paradise.  But when it rains, many of the people who live on the streets don't have any protection.  Teas and Tarps is a project to bring rain tarps or ponchos as well as hot tea to those who need it most.

Why Tarps or Ponchos?  So people can keep warm and dry on the outside.
Why Tea?  Because sharing a hot cup of tea with a fellow human being is gesture of civility that can warm a person on the inside.

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