Tea is a global phenomenon.  Our music will be the same.

Music Schedule:

We will have three costume contests throughout the evening.  Compete in any of these categories:

  1. Best Fancy "Afternoon Tea" Attire
  2. Best Alice in Wonderland Costume
  3. Tea-themed Costume

One winner in each category will receive The TeaBook!

Many of our sponsors will have booths where you can sample or buy products, drink tea, and more.

See our sponsor list for the full list of vendors who have registered so far.

Tea Tasting:
We will have over 40 different teas to try, many provided from our sponsor's exclusive lines:

Bird Pick Tea & Herb
Chrysanthemum Orangeade (Iced)
Thai Milk Tea (Iced)
A-li Shan Oolong (Hot)
Dragon's Well Green Tea (Hot)
Premium-Special Grade Pu-Erh (Hot)
Supreme Queen of Pearl Jasmine Green (Hot)
Royal Phoenix Yellow Stone Oolong (Hot)
California Tea House
Pomegranate Peony
Marmalade Puerh
Tiramisu Rooibos
Tadin Organic
Stress Balance
Dandy Liver Detox
Pu-erh Slim chai
Hibiscus Cleanse
Immunity Now
Green Tea
Body Balance Detox
Matcha Latte

Caramel Popcorn
White Champagne Raspberry
Risheehat DJ-1
Milk Oolong
Silver Needle Jasmine
Keemun Mao Feng

Waterfall Teas
Peach Blooming Tea
Lychee Blooming Tea
Guava Blooming Tea
Organic Masala Chai
2nd Flush Darjeeling
Organic White Peony
Organic Sencha Lemonade
Organic Bianca Chamomile
Passion Fruit Oolong
Instant Masala Chai
Instant Lemongrass Chai
Instant Ginger Chai
Instant Cardamom Chai

Boba Bear
Milk Tea w/ Boba
808 Green Tea w/ Boba (Pineapple + Strawberry + Mango)
Honey, Dew Me! Green Tea w/ Boba (Honeydew + Passion Fruit + Peach)

This is a zero waste event -- so BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug), buy a VIP ticket, or purchase a collectible mug at the event:

In addition to costume contests, there will be raffles, drawings, and activity contests throughout the evening with various prizes donated by The TeaBook and other sponsors.  Winners will be eligible for prizes such as The TeaBook, Collect Teables, and tea themed artwork.

  • Some Contests Include:
    • Tea Cup Toss (throw tea bags into tea cups)
    • Tea Pong
    • Fastest The TeaBook Filler
    • Tea Cup Stacking
    • Giant Card High Tea - Low Tea (similar to Card Sharks)

Other Activities:
We will have other family friendly activities such as temporary tattoos, face painting, and tea cup caricatures (for additional $$) by renowned cartoonist Chari Pere.

Vendors and food trucks will have food available for purchase.  These vendors include:

A free dessert buffet will be served at the event, including:

  • Orange Tea Infused Chocolate Brownies
  • Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies
  • Lemon Curd Cups garnished with a Blueberry
  • Lavender White Chocolate Pudding Cups
  • Dark Chocolate mini-Cupcakes with Matcha Frosting
  • Orange Cranberry Scones
  • Fruit Platters
  • A giant cake of The TeaBook