Before: Art done over 2 years Ago.

First, it was just The USA.


Present Day: Things Currently Happening.

Now it is the whole world!

On December 16th, 1773 in Boston, The Sons Of Liberty catalyzed the creation of America by taking our beloved tea and throwing it into the ocean.  The TeaBook will use all resources available to our small father son tea company and “Make America, America Again.” Our campaign is non-partisan, as replacement of GOP President Trump, would result in a new GOP president. The TeaBook believes that 100+ days is enough time to show the president's intentions, and have enough constitutional “high crimes and misdemeanors” for impeachment. With the impeachment of President Trump, we will remove tyranny, nepotism, greed and treason from the US image, as they did from the Monarchy of England in 1773. 

Where: Can I get ImPeachMint Stuff? Its now live, thanks too the many supporters on kickstarter that pledged $5,000 to help us make it happen. go to

Secrets: Scattered on each tea bag, there are enough reasons to impeach the President. Can you find them all? To see the art secrets click Here (especially if you are a congressman or intelligence agency).

How:  Support our campaign trying to Impeach Trump and have some amazing Tea to watch during the upcoming impeachment hearings. Each drawing has over 20 reasons to impeach Trump. Sign up below to be the first on happenings, deals, and what you can do. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our Promise: We will keep the ImPeachMint tea campaign going until Trump is out of office. We will continue to support nonprofits that stand up for American values.

                                               Why we are taking a stance
Taking a political stance is generally a bad idea for companies. Often you lose customers that don't agree with you. But, the customers we want are 73,648,823 and growing all over the world! Tea lovers, are calm, smart and love talking about life, liberTEA and the pursuit of happiness. Trump threatens tea drinkers' way of life requiring us to take action

1.) The primary ingredient to tea is the tea plant Camellia sinensis, you can't have tea without it. Because of our changing climate, tea harvesting seasons are changing, tea flavors are altered, and tea farms may have growth issues. The President doesn't "believe" in climate change, and is trying to destroy the EPA (started by a Republican), climate treaties, and advances in greenhouse gas reduction requirements. This could eliminate tea growing regions.

The second and last ingredient is water. President trump Is allowing our waters to be polluted. He has repealed laws allowing coal to pollute rivers, streams, and lakes. He has overturned, orders blocking the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipelines. He continues to remove protections threatening our water for tea.

 Tea primarily grows in 10 countries, none are the US. If Trump continues his trade war rhetoric and tariffs are placed on tea, like in 1773, tea may disappear from shelves in America or become so pricey we wont be able to afford it.

Our Stakeholders:
 Lastly, To have a tea party you need friends or people you welcome into your home or office. With a travel ban on many countries, we are losing the ability to have tea with the people we want, and most of the world drinks tea.

About The Artist (in his own words)

Harriet Watermarked.jpg

Daniel Orozco was born in a bustling metropolis, he developed his appreciation for the arts having spent his early years in the cultural mecca known as Mexico City. Fast forward to growing up in LA during the 80s, Daniel was inspired by illustrations of some the the greats of the comic book and cartoon arena. Oddly enough he was intrigued by the look of Chester Cheetah and spent quite a bit of his childhood summer vacation perfecting his version of the cool cat. Eventually he persued his desire to draw full-time and earned himself a BA in graphic arts which has allowed him to combine his love of art and socially conscious perspectives to be the catalyst for his projects. Daniel currently resides in LA with his wife and two kids and a cat not named Chester.

About The TeaBook

The TeaBook was founded by two best friends, and lovers of tea in January of 2015. We are the first company to put the “Art In Artisan Teas.”  We also revolutionized tea storage, sharing and serving. Creating a device that looks like a book but stores 144 teas and weighs less than 2lbs.  The TeaBook is a socially conscientious company, that is Zero Waste, organic and practices fair labor standards.