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Start your collection of The TeaBook’s exclusive line of fine teas stored inside artistically drawn limited run tea wrappers: Collect Teables.

With Collect Teables, you can fill The TeaBook with such unique – and fun – varieties as Shakespearmint (mint tea) and AgathaChrisTea (earl grey tea).

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Agatha ChrisTea by Chari Pere

ShakeSpearmint by Chari Pere

Every couple of months a new themed series of Collect Teables will be released, such as musicians, philosophers, politicians, or even animals.  Each series of teas is drawn by a different artists in their unique style.  The teas make great gifts and fit perfectly in The TeaBook – a revolutionary way to store, share and serve tea.

With Collect Teables, your tea foils will never be boring.  The front of each Tea Wrapper will contain only the title and type of tea contained inside, and the artists signature.  The reverse of each tea foil contains a fun and slightly modified quote related to the tea.


Want to see other authors such as a Mark Twainquility (Chamomile) and CervanTeas (Chai)?  We need your help to make it possible.

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The TeaBook is zero waste companies.  All Collect Teables are shipped box-less to reduce waste in shipping and packaging.

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