Top 9+1 Places for Tea in Greater Los Angeles, CA

I know, right? Hot tea in the L.A. summer heat sounds absurd. But hold on – tea actually offers tons of benefits over your favorite shot of expresso or vodka. It is not only calorie-free, can have less caffeine than coffee, helps you to hydrate, is known to help battle cancer, is good for your metabolism, and has antioxidants that keep your immune system at optimum levels.

Here are our top ten picks for where to have tea in Los Angeles. These are considered the best tea spots based on customer reviews, unique brews, and exceptional service.


1. Chado Tea Room

You can find this spot at the Japanese American Museum. It has a great ambience, over 300 varieties of tea (yes, there are that many in existence) and you can also enjoy your pick of pastries. A top pick for L.A. tea lovers.


2. Wolfgang Puck at Bel-Air

If you are looking to sit down for a $60 afternoon tea and dine on some of the best scones in the baking business, then this is the place to go. It offers a variety of brews and will accommodate gluten and sugar free sippers. If you want to include your kids in your afternoon tea, Wolfgang Puck offers a special Little Royals Tea for the youngsters.


3. L’Ermitage

Looking for a buzz at the bottom of your tea cup?  This is a strictly over 21 affair and includes tea infused cocktails, and liquor infused baked goods.  Talk about high tea!  The experience is customized, so you should order your tea 72 hours in advance.


4. The Four Seasons Tea Room

Dust off your white gloves for this tea tryst. You get amazing tea blends, a pastry bar and all the fun things that come with high tea, such as edible flowers. And the best part: the experience is quite affordable at about $17 a head.


5. Tea Garden

Along Beverly Boulevard lies a serene and ambient tea spot, appropriately named the Tea Garden. Here you get to enjoy herbal teas, and other products. It has been in business since 1988 so we like to believe that they know a thing or two about serving tea to L.A. residents.


6. Teavana Tea Room and Gourmet Shop

Our favorite Teavana location is on Santa Monica Boulevard and is the perfect place for any tea virgin. You get to try out tea blend samples before you purchase your cup or pot of tea. In addition, they have a variety of unique flavors such as chocolate tea, Moroccan Mint, Kamiya Papaya Oolong tea and many others. Many people love it for its ambience, and serenity in the heart of a busy L.A.


7. Bourgeois Pig

A strange name for a tea spot, but if you look beyond it is well worth a try. Located on Franklin Avenue, they have an extensive tea, coffee, and other beverages collection. They also have a variety of snacks and pastries to enjoy with your cup of tea.


8. Rose Tree Cottage

By now everyone has a soft spot for the series Downton Abbey. Well, this is the one tea spot in the heart of LA which offers Downton Abbey style tea gatherings. Located along S. Pasadena Avenue, you get to enjoy a true English tea affair complete with cucumber sandwiches, Yorkshire pudding and scones. And, if that’s not enough, you can celebrate the Queen’s birthday!


9. American Tea Room

Despite the arguably ironic name, this is one of the best places to have tea in Beverly Hills. They have a unique tea brewing system that gets guests their favorite cup within 60 seconds. And the afternoon tea service comes with some snacks for your tea.


10. Anywhere

On a mountain, in a boat, on a plane.  You can do it all in L.A.  And let’s face it, tea is good pretty much anywhere, anytime.  Well, you at least need water.  Fresh water.  So you can still do this in L.A. for now…