Go Green: Creative Ideas For Old Tea Bags!!

What do you do with teabags once you have used them?  You probably throw it in the trash like everyone else. Well, "everyone else" is wrong. Remember old is gold? They were referring to old teabags, while a fresh teabag has only one use, an old one has many uses.   All you need to do is think outside the box (or teacup). Here are a few creative ideas to do with old tea bags.

Make Stronger Tea
First, you can brew stronger tea. Okay, nothing new here but you don't throw it out after one use. While I may like my tea weak, some of us love it brown or green and strong. You save yourself the cost of using two fresh teabags by using an old one to add more flavor. You can use this technique on all teabags though white teabags are a bit too delicate for this. 

Pest Control
Pests are tea haters. While you enjoy sipping tea, the mice in your garden just wonder why you enjoy such filth. So, when you are done with that teabag, open it and sprinkle it on your plants and you will have bid farewell to pests. The tea leaves are a double blessing to the plants since they add nutrients to the plants.

Air Freshner
Teabags are good for your mouth and old teabags are good for your nose. Tea laves are excellent odor absorbers. So, you can hang a few of them in your refrigerator and in a few hours, the fridge will be the best smelling place in your house. The same can be done anywhere in your home, and there are so many fragrant teas out there.

Cast Iron Rust Prevention
Know how your cookware seems to rust when you don't use it for a few weeks or months? That old teabag that you wanted to throw in the trash can solve this problem. Wipe your iron cookware with a damp used teabag after use. The tannins in the tea create a protective layer that prevents oxidation. 

Are you single and lonely? A teabag is not your solution but it helps you prepare tastier food the next time you have a date. Used teabags add flavor to grains and pasta. Simply hang the teabags in the boiling pot to flavor it. Depending on the flavor you want, experiment with different types of tea bag such as chai, jasmine, or cinnamon. Also, use the leftover tealeaves to marinade your beef, pork, or chicken. The tea not only flavors your food but also tenderizes the meat.

If you hate scrubbing dishes, then a teabag is your best partner. Teabags are excellent grease removers. Warm the water and drop one or two teabags in before putting in your greasy utensils. Wait for the utensils to soak for five minutes. The tea will have broken down the food stains and grease. With a little scrubbing, your utensils are as clean as new.

The uses of a teabag seem to increase once it is used.  You can experiment as much as you want with your old teabags.  Just ensure you don't throw them away before they serve you in another way outside of your cup.