Here are the answers to whats hidden in our tea art!
Unlike tea, we may spoil your fun. **Spoilers Below**


Shake Watermarksm.png

1. Calendar on the wall, "MAR 15" - The Ides of March from Julius Caesar
2. Three witches brewing tea in a tea pot - From Macbeth - "hail Banquo"
3. Man & woman on floor, Romeo & Juliet sharing tea or is it poison? - From Romeo and Juliet
4. Roses on floor - "A rose by any other name would still be as sweet(as tea)" 
- From Romeo and Juliet  
5. Shake Spearmint holding a cup of tea like a skull - "Alas, poor Yorick!" - From Hamlet
6. The green background - besides mint being green, it is also in the Merchant of Venice - "And shuddering fear, and green-eyed jealousy!" 

Mark Watermark sm-min.png

1. Connecticut on tea pot - Mark Twain lived and died in CT, the Mark Twain House is currently there. (Personal).
2. Riverboat guide book - Mark was a Riverboat captain for 2 years, his brother died in a steam room accident, he never went back to captaining. (personal).
3. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn - The most famous Twain characters rafting together. (Work).
4. Halley's Comet - Halley's Comet was in the sky when Twain was born, and came back when he died (Personal).
5. The package is yellow - Twain once said "Yellow Journalism – that calamity of calamities." (Work)
6. Chamomile Flavor - There is nothing more Twainquil than a hot cup of chamomile tea (The Tea).

Hillary ClinTEAn

1. Top Secret - Email scandal.
2. Computer In Trash - Server scandal.
3. Background - Whitewater scandal pic.
4. Female Symbol Teapot - First woman nominated for President by a major party.
5. Blackberry - Old School Personal.
6. Donkey Is Snickering - Bernie Scandal.
7. Bill on Donkey - Personal.
8. Pant Suit - Personal.
9. Vanilla flavor - Personal.


Donald TEArump

1. Trump University - Scandal.
2. HUGE Tea Pot - Everything is outsized.
3. Mr. America - Owned Miss USA.
4. Money - Billionaire Personal.
5. Golf Clubs - Owns golf courses and is an avid golfer Personal.
6. The Fence - Mexican border fence.
7. Elephant - Republican symbol is scared.
8. Small Hands - Personal.
9. Mad Hatter Hat - Political/Alice.
10. Pure White Tea Flavor - Political.
11. Peach Flavor - Orange face spray tan.